Traveling solo

Traveling on my own isn’t something I’ve always enjoyed. To be more clear, dread it and was pleased when I was at my destination. Traveling in a group or just with one other person was never a problem, it was (or is) part of the great journey. However, on my own I was just a little scared that something would happen and I felt a little lonesome.

I’m now alone, sitting in a train on my way to Germany, a trip that takes 5 hours. To be honest, yesterday evening I wasn’t looking forward to it. But now, sitting here with a great snowy view and a cute little girl with lovely blue eyes and big ears that only look adorable on her tiny head, I’m really enjoying it.

At the start of my trip the train had an electrical failure, therefore I had to take a different route to my overstap to Germany. This meant that instead of having half an hour, I had 3 minutes to run to the next train. Because I’ve only been at Deventer station once before, I had no clue how long it would take me to get to the next platform. I couldn’t find a conductor so I asked some other travellers in the train if they knew more about the train station. There was one nice young man that didn’t know much more than I did, but he was kind enough to think along. He happened to go to Germany  aswel (with a different route however). He was going to study abroad in Poland for 6 months, altough he just got back from living in Belgium. Two weeks ago, I met another man in the bus who’s going tot Londen next year for an internship in an hotel. This is so inspiring. I really want to travel abroad in a few years, maybe a couple of months between my bachelor and master. To study in a foreign country sounds very interesting as well. If I want, theres an option for that in my my third year of the Uni. However I don’t know which master I want to do yet, what will influence my classes of my third year and the rest of my plans.

Some old classmates of mine already are on a break year, traveling through the world and meeting new people and seeing beautiful places, getting to know other cultures. I want to do this one day myself, I only didn’t felt ready for it right now. Because one, I love my family and can’t miss them that long. Reason two: I can take care of myself but I’m not good at being at myself for a long time. Next to that, I love sharing things that I see and lessons that I learn with other people.

But now, enjoying this train trip on myself and hearing stories of those young men, my tummy starts to bubble and my mouth start to smile. So maybe I will travel solo in not more than 3 years.. Who knows, if it’s your dream, you should go for it. That’s what my mother says.




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