Summer holiday

Hi everybody!

I have finished my exams, I passed and I’m now searching for an appartement/room for University. Now I have some time to start my blog, what I wanted to do for a long time.. Six day after my last exam, I went on holiday with a good friend of mine. We went to Split in Croatia.

We both really wanted to go away after are exams, however, I’m not really a partyanimal so Albufera (where lots of my friends are right now) wasn’t an option for me. With that out of the way, we had to figure out what kind of place we wanted to visit for 6 days. We wanted (1) beach, (2) nice weather, (3) a city and (4) nature. Well Split has it all!












The little beach that you can see is lovely and is only a 20 minute walk from the city centre. You can grab a nice pastry or sandwich at a cafe on the boulevard and eat it when you are watching the boats come by. Ice cream in Split is just like in Italy, do I need to say more..?? You can go out if you want to, but you can take a nice glass of wine or a cocktail aswell. I prefer in a café in the streets ( what are like a labyrinth) or at the main square in the city centre, were they play live music every night where little children are dancing. There is a great atmosphere and my friend and I never felt unsafe! So I really recommend Split!



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